Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History


I'm Vanetta

(D.Min, M.Div, Non-profit Founder, Speaker, Preacher, Author, Coach,  and Podcast Host)


I am a fierce supporter and advocate for women and girls, and I am on a mission to build a community of women who are determined to win in LIFE & LOVE!

Through my coaching program, non-profit, courses, books, sermons, workshops, events, podcasts, and every other tool I've created to assist in my mission, I've had the pleasure of inspiring thousands of women to fearlessly pursue purpose, passion, and prosperity. 

Defiant Women Win started as a personal message to myself because--truth be told--I was just too passive when it came to reaching the goals I set for my life. I  played the role of the "well-behaved woman" who believed that following the "rules" would get me what I desired. But I realized rules aren't normally set up in my favor.


So, I decided to ditch the rules,  believe in myself,  and blaze my own trail to the success I wanted for myself.  I ignored my fears, stepped out of my comfort zone, and allowed my authentic light to shine.  


Since ditching the rules, I created a nonprofit,  My Sister My Seed, to fight sex trafficking and empower young women and girls. I wrote a 52-week devotional, Defiant Women of Faith. And I created the Defiant Women Win Community and platform to encourage, support, and inspire women to be aggressive in pursuit of purpose, passion, and prosperity so they can win in life and love.

The Defiant Women Win Community is committed to helping women defy every challenge that stands between where she is and where she desires to be. Whether personally or professionally, Defiant Women Win exists to help push women forward!

Why I Started Defiant Women Win



From the pulpit to the banquet hall to your event location, Dr. Vanetta Rather delivers inspiring sermons, empowering key-notes, and thought-provoking, action inspiring workshops

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Add Defiant Women of Faith, my 52-week devotional, to your library of books that inspire you to show up fearlessly in your life.


Allow me to use my 19 years of unique pastoral counseling skills to help you navigate toxic intimate partner relationships and/or do inner self-healing work that helps you win in Life & Love