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I'm Vanetta

D.Min, M.Div, Non-profit Founder,

Speaker/Preacher, Author, & Coach


Defiant Women Win started as a personal message to myself because--truth be told--I was just too passive about pursuing the goals I set for my life. This led me to realize that I had some inner work and healing to do.  You see, my passivity was a result of childhood issues that stemmed from issues of emotional abandonment.  My feelings of emotional abandonment caused me to not believe in myself, play small, and accept crumbs in both my personal and professional life.  In my personal life, I found myself in relationship after relationship where I gave too much and received too little, and in my professional life, I worked for 19 years in the church doing work that was not fulfilling and satisfying.


So, I did the inner work to heal, and it was the best gift I ever gave myself.  


As a result of understanding my abandonment issues and how they impacted and impaired my adult life and relationships, and as a result of doing the work to heal, I unleashed my personal power.  I now have healthy relationships with myself and others and I began doing meaningful work I love.   


I created a nonprofit,  My Sister My Seed, to fight sex trafficking and empower young women and girls, I wrote a 52-week devotional, Defiant Women of Faith, and I created the Defiant Women Win Community and platform to help women, just like me, heal, thrive, and win in all the ways that matter: Life, Purpose, Faith, and Love.

The Defiant Women Win Community is committed to helping women defy internal and external critics that keep us from getting all we desire and deserve in life.

This Woman Did the Work  to Heal & Thrive 



From the pulpit to your event stage,

Dr. Vanetta Rather delivers inspiring sermons, empowering keynotes, and thought-provoking, action-inspiring workshops.  



Add Defiant Women of Faith, my 52-week devotional, to your library of books that inspire you to show up fearlessly in your life.

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Allow me to use my 19 years of unique pastoral counseling skills to help you navigate toxic intimate partner relationships and/or do inner self-healing work that helps you win in Life & Love

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