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"If you don't follow the sound of the genuine in you, you will all your life spend your days on the ends of strings other people pull." - Dr. Howard Thurman

Vanetta Rather delivers inspiring sermons, empowering key-notes, and facilitates thought-provoking, action-taking workshops that are designed to ensure you follow the sound of the genuine in you!

Practical, impactful, and relatable messaging that moves women to self-reflect, take action, and pursue purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Pastor Melvin Maxwell
East Friendship Baptist Church, 
Wash., DC

Rev. Thomas Bowen
Mayor's Office of Religious Affairs
Wash., DC

Rev. Dr. Sherry Molock
Beloved Community Church
Accokeek, MD

Signature Messages


The Good Girl
Must Die

A well-known quote says, "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History."

In this message, women learn how important it is, to our destinies, to cross over the lines others forbid us to cross.  Knowing your worth is key.


Too often women are taught to conform to a certain way of being in the world that has us buying into this “good-girl identity.”  "Good girls" are often seen as those who stay in line, those who don’t rock the boat, and those who don’t make waves. But the reality is we live in a world where the boat needs to be rocked, where women need to make waves, and where silence and assimilation will keep women left out of all God wanted to include us in.

This message is for women who are ready to stop listening to and following rules that keep us living outside of all we were created to experience.

Signature Sermons & Workshops

I'm A "Nasty" Woman

Learning to reclaim your power by rejecting labels meant to demean and degrade you, to fuel your dream, is what women are taught in this message.

“Nasty” is a judgment levied against women when they have the audacity to show up in the world demanding things be equitable, fair, and just. It is a slander used to discredit women who refuse to sit back and be silent in a society that sees them as inferior.

The women will walk away from this message owning their power, positioning themselves for greatness, and using labels as fuel for leveling up.   


Say Her Name

In a society where black women are easily dismissed, devalued, and disposable, it’s important that we voice our own value. It is important that we view ourselves through the lens of worthiness. When the value and worth of women are elevated, especially in a society that sees women as valueless, it reshapes and reimagines what that society looks like. 


In this message, the #SayHerName campaign is used to help women remember the legacy of women who've come before us, blaze a trail for women behind us, and never allow the contributions women gift to the world to be forgotten or minimized.



In this season where the pressure of performance continues to militate against serious reflection on preaching at the sacred desk, there stands Rev. Dr. Vanetta Rather who unapologetically proclaims the gospel with authority, clarity, relevancy, and an unbridled urgency!

Dr. Vanetta Rather preaches with intelligence and compassion baptized in fire. Great preachers have one thing in common, the ability to speak to the issues of our time. Dr. Rather speaks to them, of them, and for them.

Dr. Rather delivers phenomenally passionate preaching that both whets your intellectual appetite, while it feeds your soul.

Dr. Rather is an extraordinarily gifted homiletician who makes the awesome tasks of preaching look easy.  Both biblically sound and socially relevant, this dynamic woman of God is a master at 'telling the story.

Rev. Melvin Maxwell
East Friendship Baptist Church, 
Washington, DC

Rev. Thomas Bowen
Mayor's Office of Religious Affairs
Washington, DC

Dr. Sherry Molock
Beloved Community Church
Accokeek, MD

Drs. Dennis & Christine Wiley
Pastor Emeriti
Covenant Baptist Church
Washington, DC

Preaching & Speaking Experience Includes

*19 Years As Preacher/Workshop Facilitator/Speaker*

*Doctorate of Ministry*

*8 Years As Sex Trafficking Advocate/Workshop Facilitator/Consultant*

*20 Years Empowering Women & Girls*


A Dynamic Speaker/Preacher

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