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You Were Created For More...

Let me help you heal, thrive & win!

"If you don't follow the sound of the genuine in you, you will all your life spend your days on the ends of strings other people pull."
-Dr. Howard Thurman

Here's how I help you follow the sound
of the genuine in you: 

Identify & Uproot Embedded and Limiting Beliefs

Build Confidence & Courage To Create & Live Authentically and Unapologetically 

Heal From Heartbreak, Betrayal, Church Hurt & Girlhood Wounds

Find & Fulfill Purpose

Heal, Thrive & Win Is Your Birthright!

If there is one thing I know for sure, you were created to live an authentic, abundant life. But what keeps you and most women from doing so are:
  • embedded beliefs about ourselves that don't serve whom we were created to be
  • ​pain, hurt, and trauma from past relationships and experiences that we have not healed
  • lack of confidence and courage required to take the necessary risks to go after what we desire and deserve
  • not knowing or fulfilling the God-given purpose that allows us to experience true fulfillment
I know all of the above to be true because I've been there.   But after doing my inner work, I now live an abundant, authentic, and unapologetic life.  I am confident that my HEAL, THRIVE, & WIN Coaching program can help you do the same!  
Connection Call
Get started with a connection call!
I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can support you.


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“Vanetta is absolutely amazing! She helped me and continues to help me focus on: purpose, self-love, and overall staying in pursuit of what God has called me to do. Vanetta is a lifetime coach and avails herself each and every time I call. She is a defiant woman winning and calling others to run with her!”


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“Rev. Rather is my favorite counselor, coach, mentor, and advisor. She has coached and counseled my young adult daughter and goddaughter. When I sought someone to help my daughter as she struggled, as young adults do in relationships and identity, she helped her become comfortable in her own skin and walk in her power. I highly recommend Rev. Rather. “

— Sherrie

A Call That Leads To Transformation

  • Available Online

    Is Heal, Thrive, and Win Coaching Right For You?

    30 min

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